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Puppy Nutrition and
Feeding Schedule

PrissyPawz puppies are weaned to Royal Canin Extra Small Puppy kibble. 

I would recommend signing up for automatic delivery as this food is many times out of stock at local pet stores. 

The Royal Canin canned (wet) puppy food is also good to have on hand to mix with the kibble (dry food).

I have also added Dr. Marty's Healthy Growth puppy food to their diet and they love the taste! I blend the freeze dried food and then mix in with dry kibble.

Important!! Your puppy must be allowed to FREE FEED! Do NOT feed your puppy 2 meals a day. If puppy is not allowed free feeding it will void the health guarantee on your contract. Please leave a bowl of puppy kibble (as well as water) out all times and available to your puppy. This will also help regulate it's blood sugar levels and keep it from hypoglycemia. 

You can supplement 2-3 times a day with the canned food. Do NOT feed human food leftovers or dog treats to your puppy as this can cause damage to their small livers. Please stay away from ingredients that can harm your dog such as raisins, grapes, chocolate, onions, or garlic.

A very important part of your puppies diet should contain probiotic for their gut health. One of the BEST probiotics for dogs, and is veterinarian recommended, is ADVITA. You can purchase on Amazon or various pet sites online. Sprinkle 1/2 pkg on puppies food once a day. This helps to combat "Giardia" which can get activated in the intestinal system of a puppy when it goes through stressful changes. 

What is GIARDIA?

Giardia is a parasite that inhabits the intestines of animals and it is not a worm, bacteria or virus. It is very easily transmitted through drinking water, eating grass, or putting anything in their mouth that has come in contact with feces. It can be transmitted by chewing on a stick or toy, eating poop (which puppies do), or from a puddle of water. When a puppy goes through a change in environment it can activate the parasite and cause diarrhea. The Advita probiotic helps to balance the gut flora and help protect the puppy from giardia. 

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