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Preparing for your puppy

You will want to set up a proper space, or den, for your puppy. This could be a small bathroom with a baby gate, a puppy playpen (as shown), or puppy play yard. I recommend this puppy play pen that can be purchased on Amazon. It consists of 4 panels and the option of adding panels later on. 

The main purpose of this space is to keep your puppy safe. When you cannot watch

your puppy, they must be inside their safe space. 

Inside of your puppy's den should be their bed, food and water at one end (the clean side) and a pee pad (I recommend the washable pads as shown) on the other end. Try to keep the two sides separate. Keeping your puppy in a clean den will help support teaching them their own housebreaking skills. 

You can also set up a small crate either inside the puppy playpen or by leaving the door open and attaching the crate. A clean crate should always be the soft, cozy safe spot your puppy can go for a nap or have quiet time. Leave the door open so the puppy can go in and out and it feels safe inside the crate. I would not recommend crate training until your puppy is at least 5 months of age. 

Remember: Your puppy should have access to food and fresh water 24 hours a day!


Sample set up for outside play pen

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