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AKC Maltese


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About Maltese

The most loyal and lovable breed on the planet! Once you have had a maltese you will forever want another one. My passion for these small, beautiful, silky-haired companions is to love, cuddle and spoil them. They are extremely intelligentalert, and fiercely loyal to the people they love. It is very important to me that your adorable puppy will also grow into a beautiful, attention-grabbing, adult dog. I strive to keep the tiny baby doll faces and thick, beautiful coats. 

Maltese average adult size is 4-7 pounds with a life expectancy of around 12 years.


Temperament: Maltese can be either very laid back or very energetic and are known for their occasional wild outbursts of physical activity, running around in circles chasing their tail. They are not usually "yappers" but only bark when feel threatened or to give warning. They were originally bred to be companion dogs so they love to be close to their family members and they still do well for apartment dwellers. They are relatively easy to train and enjoy a playful game of fetch. These intelligent dogs learn quickly, and pick up new tricks and behaviors easily. Since they were bred specifically for companionship, they do not do well being left alone for long hours.

Maltese are hypoallergenic and are perfect pets for people who suffer with allergies. They need to be brushed once a day to keep their beautiful coats shiny and free of tangles.


We absolutely are in love with our new puppy! She is perfect in every way. This is due to Kim's high breeding standards. It is obvious she strives to produce a wonderful dog because she really loves the breed like I do. I highly recommend her as an excellent breeder. 

- Susan Kerstein

We have two maltese from Kim and they are just the cutest! Lullabell, our little girl is 4.5 lbs of exuberant, happy energy. Bobo Bear is super sweet and affectionate and a little rascal! We love them both so much.

- Christel Longo

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